Our Advocacy


Advocates4ConsumerProtection educates you on your rights as a consumer and the policies and procedures of the companies taking your money. When a company misleads you and causes additional financial hardship, we will help you fight against their actions.

Our educators help you file complaints with the state attorney general’s office if necessary. We assist you in resolving the matter to your satisfaction.

Hand of a Man Holding Money
Hand of a Man Holding Money
Financial Consultation

Financial Advocates

Our specialists educate and prepare your personal plan, which includes financial and debt resolution and credit correction. We also assist you with the forms required for tax relief on the forgiven debt if you qualify. To ensure the quality of the customized plan, the consumer will approve all debt resolutions before implementing any settlement, validation of debt, or debt resolution.

Exemptions and Protections

Federal and state laws protect debtors with limited income. People across the country are safeguarded from wage garnishment on income from disability, social security, SSI, child support, inheritance, and veterans’ benefits. In addition, wages cannot be garnished if your family receives assistance, such as WIC, EBT, or SNAP benefits or state medical coverage.

The equity of your home is also protected through homestead protection plans nationwide. In North Carolina, South Carolina, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Florida, you are exempt from garnishment as long as you file taxes as the head of household and have at least one dependent.

Literature Available

We offer self-reliant planning and educational action packets (only upon request). These educational materials are not required when resolving or eliminating unsecured debt, customized debt validation, credit correction, and improvement of related personal hardship matters.

Credit Correction to Improve Your FICO Score

Many people in debt do not know about their rights or the legal exemptions and assistance they qualify for. We help you get out of debt in 6-18 months or less through debt resolution, credit correction, and more.

Our debt specialists have over 25 years of debt-related experience. We’re passionate about helping people be well-informed, financially stable, and in complete control over their personal and financial affairs.