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Mission Statement

Our mission is to empower families to resolve their debt and flourish financially in the United States. We are dedicated to delivering immediate and personalized solutions that address their unique financial and personal hardships.

We handle every account with a personalized approach by combining a multitude of information to formulate an overall plan that caters to each individual’s needs. We evaluate and determine the best course of action based on their personal abilities and financial goals.

About Us

Our team of debt specialists prioritize each individual’s financial needs and unique situations. Clients work closely with our professionals who have extensive expertise in debt management, collection agency strategies, and credit report correction. We deliver impactful solutions that safeguard against negative credit outcomes.

For over 25 years, we have empowered consumers nationwide to regain complete financial control through convenient virtual appointments.

Our customized service is provided at no cost, making us unique to any other debt relief program available.

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Empowering Consumers

Our vision is to empower and educate consumers to become debt-free within 6 to 12 months or less. We are committed to safeguarding the integrity of their credit rating and upholding transparency by refusing to charge upfront or monthly fees.

Unlike traditional debt settlement companies and law firms, we do not require you to relinquish control over your personal bank accounts or establish a 3rd-party escrow account to have control over your personal funds. We respect their autonomy and provide consumers with complete control over their finances and every decision before implementation.

With us, you are the driver of your financial destiny, and we are here to support and guide you towards a brighter future.

Customized Debt Resolution Services Catered to You

Experience the power of personalized debt resolution services tailored to your unique financial situation and personal hardships.

Advocates 4 Consumer Protection provides tax relief, credit correction, and debt elimination in all 50 states. We can also help all businesses with ERC approval and funding if they have W2 employees, regardless of what their accountant or any other advisor has told them. We’ve helped multiple businesses get funding that they didn’t think they qualified for. We’ve also been able to get businesses with W2 employees additional funding if they had previously received an ERC approved funding.

Receive a complimentary plan, presented to you in writing through a detailed Summary Review. Our expert team carefully analyzes each creditor, your specific hardship, legal implications for your debt, and relevant state laws that apply.

  • You ALWAYS Maintain Control Of Your Own Money.
  • We NEVER Debit Your Checking Account.
  • We NEVER Allow 3rd Party Access To Your Personal Banking Information.
  • No other company in the United States allow these options.
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Ask Yourselves These Questions

If you are currently enrolled in another debt settlement program.
  • • Are you unhappy with your current debt settlement plan?
  • • Are you frustrated with financial burdens?
  • • Is it challenging to receive direct answers to your questions?
  • • Is it difficult to determine exactly what their fees are over the term?
  • • Do you worry about ruined credit, unnecessary charge-offs, default judgments, garnishments, and wage levies?

Many people are realizing that a traditional debt settlement plan is not the optimal solution. Cookie-cutter programs will always leave them in a difficult position. Consumers and their accounts should never be categorized solely based on their total debt amount, balance, creditor, or type of account.

We believe in putting you first by providing personalized solutions tailored to your specific circumstances.

If you’ve mistakenly enrolled in one of these other fee-based debt settlement programs, contact us today.

Tailored to Your Needs

Every consumer should be entitled to a customized debt resolution program (Summary Review).

We only require the following to customize a plan:

  • • Hardships
  • • Age
  • • Validation of Debt (VOD)
  • • Fixed-Income or Not
  • • Medical Issues or Concerns
  • • HIPAA Laws (Medical Violations)
  • • List of the Creditors
  • • Collection Agencies
  • • Credit Bureau (Dispute Letters)
  • • Debt Buyers
  • • Negative Credit/Correction
  • • Erroneous, Obsolete, or Outdated Information

True debt resolution requires a tailored program to determine what exemptions, protections, and exceptions you may qualify for.

Receive a short-term customized plan in our initial free consultation.

Tax Debt Resolution Services

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