Summary Reviews

Our team of professionals have the knowledge and expertise in consumer debt and creditor prioritization. We prevent escalation to legal action(s) and resolve your debt. You may have multiple accounts in different debt resolution programs offered. We provide a free customized summary review by analyzing creditors, hardships, legal considerations, and state laws for the best debt relief.

Below are some of the types of summary review recommendations you may receive.

  • Recommended for Negotiations / Settlement

    We negotiate settlements on predetermined creditors outlined in your customized plan before “charge-off.” This is per available funds that stay in your control. We never hold the funds towards settlement or pay the settlement agreement approved.

    Once a settlement is negotiated, you are contacted to approve or decline. If approved, payment instructions or payment is advised until the written agreement is received and in your hands from the creditor. Payment instructions are provided in detail.

    You control the funds and make these payments that are directly agreed.

  • Recommended for Validation of Debt (VOD)

    The Validation of Debt is for selective creditors represented by 3rd party collectors and SOLD debt. This can force a debt back to the original creditor for a better settlement % or enforce the FDCPA and CFPB laws against a debt buyer. Majority of the time, this eliminates your obligation to the debt and removes the debt buyer/collector from your credit report(s).

    We prepare a customized VOD on a collector/debt buyer on your behalf via certified mail signature required return receipts (all costs covered by us). Then, we will calendar when you receive the signature return receipt, so you can see the work being done. According to applied laws, we calendar follow-ups and prepare the necessary letters and notices to remove the collector/debt buyer from your report and remove your obligation to the debt and debt buyer.

  • Recommended for Pay-Off Program

    This program is for creditors and accounts that may not be worth the invested time and value compared to the above programs. This recommendation is the quickest for credit rating improvement.

  • Recommended to Hold

    Our experienced analysts may determine for a creditor to be placed on “hold” pending action by the creditor.
    This leads to the determination if it is best to “Settle” or VOD the account. These predetermined creditors and accounts are outlined in your customized Summary Review.

  • Medical Debt

    We approach medical debt by evaluating an individual’s financial profile, state, FCRA, FDCPA, and HIPAA laws applicable.
    We prepare and conduct the follow-ups required by the laws used for one or all of the following:

    • Elimination of Obligation of the Debt
    • Medical Forgiveness
    • Settlement and Removal of the Debt from the Three Major Credit Bureaus
  • Recommended for Credit Bureau Dispute(s)

    Credit Bureau Disputes are used in multiple areas of the Program.
    This may be used to escalate selective creditors to “sell” the debt, update your credit report on non-validated accounts, or correct your credit report when erroneous reporting has been done.

    We prepare customized letters for 3 major credit bureaus, forward these letters to be mailed to you with mailing instructions.
    Then, we calendar when responses are to be received, conduct the necessary follow up, and review the credit bureau responses to ensure updates/disputes have been made.

Take Control of Your Unsecured Debt and Legal Difficulties

Advocates 4 Consumer Protection can help resolve all of your unsecured debts and legal difficulties. Together, we will fight back against debt collection agencies that use underhanded and misleading tactics. Our company can help you resolve bad financial decisions such as enrolling in debt settlement companies, debt management, or credit counseling programs.

You have rights and you are not bound by any conditions or contracts with these companies.

We Can Help You

  • Manage Your Finances More Effectively
  • Understand What Protections and Government Exemptions You May Qualify For
  • Reduce or Pay Off Your Debt within 6-18 months or less

Schedule a complimentary consultation and receive a free customized summary review within 48 hours of initial consultation completion.