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What Our Customers Are Saying

  • Dennis White


    “I was able to get my money back from a Debt Settlement law center that provided no services and only put me further into debt. Without A4CP I would still be in debt and in total despair. I wish others could learn about their options as were explained to me.”

  • Tuan Le


    “A4CP, helped settle my debt and trusted me to save my money which I did. I never worried about my money and I approved every settlement before it occurred. I saved thousands of dollars and have been able to have my credit reports updated to show a zero balance owed. It feels great to no longer be in debt.”

  • Kay Miller

    McQueeney, TX

    “Advocates 4 consumer protections was able to help educate myself and my husband which allowed us to settle a property lien, car repossession for my son and to settle our credit card debts for a fraction of the balances owed. I don’t know how many times I cried to my representative about my problems. I have referred my family and friends to better cope with their credit card debt/”

  • Thomas Foy

    Lake Grove, NY

    “As a bankruptcy attorney I thought I understood the debt settlement industry. I enrolled with a national debt settlement company and became very concerned with the lack of results after 1 year. A4CP helped me cancel the enrollment agreement and we settled all of my debts within 1 yr. I was finally able to gain financial control and learned many valuable lessons. There are no words to describe the work and personal care there staff provided me.”

  • Rafael Hernandez

    Buxton, ME

    “I had collection debt and with a fixed income was unable to pay them the money they wanted. I was provided with the self reliant planning & educational action packets. I discovered my rights under the fair debt collection practices act and was able to stop the harassing calls. I’ve since settled with these collection companies and advocates 4 consumer protection helped me with the forgiven debt. Thanks to my new friends at Advocates4consumerprotection.”