Our Advocacy for Consumer Rights Protection

Other businesses and corporations engage in unethical practices, exploiting and taking advantage of unsuspecting consumers. These companies specifically target individuals facing difficulties, worsening their hardships while deceptively portraying themselves as helpful. Unfortunately, many of these entities completely disregard fundamental rules and principles that should govern their actions.

At Advocates 4 Consumer Protection, we do not tolerate this. Every consumer has rights to protect them and nobody should be a victim of dishonest commercial practices.

Our advocacy strives to empower you with knowledge about your rights and the rules and regulations governing businesses that handle your finances. We are dedicated to rectifying the injustices inflicted upon consumers by creditors, law firms, debt dispute companies, and debt settlement companies. Through our relentless efforts, we aim to bring about positive change and protect the interests of our consumers.

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Your Partner in Settling Disputes

We are prepared to fight back against businesses that try to exploit you. Our specialists will file all appropriate attorney general complaints, FTC complaints, BBB complaints, and Consumer Protection Bureau (CPB) complaints.

Our professionals help with complaints filed with the State Bar Association against any lawyer or law firm at the consumer’s request. We carefully examine debt settlement agreements to check for inconsistencies in fair and legal services, and any instances of contract breach on the part of the organization you agreed with.

Through a limited power of attorney, we can help you mediate an agreement with debt settlement companies or law firms. While we acknowledge the need for law firms and debt settlement businesses to generate revenue from their services, we ensure that those costs are reasonable, fair, compliant with the law, and appropriate to the completed and documented work.

At Advocates 4 Consumer Protection, we always place the consumer and their safety first.

FTC Final Rule to Protect Consumers in Credit Card Debt

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Who We Are

Advocates 4 Consumer Protection is committed to upholding our mission statement and reputation through consistently and successfully promoting consumer rights. Our vision is to empower individuals by providing them with the knowledge and resources to make informed financial decisions, achieve financial stability, and regain full control over their personal and financial affairs.

With over 25 years of combined experience, we have witnessed devastating impact that unscrupulous businesses can have on unsuspecting consumers, exacerbating their debt, stress, and overall chaos. We understand that each state has its own unique set of rules and regulations, and our experts possess a comprehensive understanding of the intricate details to assist you in determining which specific laws, rules, and ordinances are relevant to your situation.

Through our unwavering commitment, we strive to create a society where consumers are empowered and protected.

Solve Money Issues

Our team will help you develop comprehensive plans to solve every financial concern and prevent any potential legal complications with the IRS.

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Our Advocacy


We are ready to fight back against companies that exploit you and cause additional financial hardships.

Advocates 4 Consumer Protection educates you on your rights as a consumer, and the policies and procedures for the the companies taking your money. Our advocates help you file complaints with the state attorney general’s office.

We work hard in resolving your debt until you are fully satisfied.

Financial Consultation

Financial Advocates

Our financial advocates provide comprehensive education and personalized planning to address your financial needs.

We specialize in financial resolution, debt resolution, and credit correction. Additionally, our advocates also assist with forms required for tax relief on the forgiven debt if the consumer qualifies.

We ensure the quality of customized plans and allow consumers complete control over their finances and decisions. Our consumers will approve all debt resolutions before implementing any settlement, validation of debt, or debt resolution.

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Exemptions and Protections

Federal and state laws protect debtors with limited income.

• People across the country are safeguarded from wage garnishment on income from disability, social security, SSI, child support, inheritance, and veterans’ benefits.

• Wages cannot be garnished if your family receives assistance, such as WIC, EBT, or SNAP benefits or state medical coverage.

• The equity of your home is also protected through homestead protection plans nationwide.

• In North Carolina, South Carolina, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Florida, consumers are exempt from garnishment as long as you file taxes as the head of household and have at least one dependent.

Literature Available

Upon request, our specialists offer self-reliant planning and educational action packets.

Credit Correction to Improve Your FICO Score

Many individuals suffering from debt are unaware of their rights and the legal exemptions and assistance they actually qualify for.