What Our Customers Are Saying

  • Jim Miller


    “Working with A4CP enabled me to get out of my large credit card debts. In 6 months I was able to rectify my debt. I was able to save thousands of dollars. I’m an airline pilot with a busy schedule and I am very appreciative and expediency of this program.”

  • Jose Martinez


    “A4CP This company got me out of debt on credit cards in excess of $20,000. They saved me thousands of dollars, I would gladly recommend to all my friends and family. The staff was professional and supported during the entire process.”

  • Luna Trau


    “Advocates 4 Consumer Protection has done wonders for me and saved my life. After my spouse passed away & I lost his income. I didn’t know what I was going to do. I couldn’t keep up with my bills and nothing was going right. None of our creditors cared that I was trying to pay everything with a fraction of the amount I had before. I was really nervous but once I started speaking with Advocates 4 Consumer Protection, I was placed at ease super quickly. They were very patient and kind and explained everything to me and what options I have available. They provided customized debt resolution services and I was provided a plan that I could live with at a fraction of what I was doing before and it was something I could finally afford. If anyone needs any help with finances, please please call Advocates 4 Consumer Protection. They truly do care about your well-being and place your needs first.”

  • Janet Nguyen


    “Huge thanks to this debt resolution organization!! Because of Advocates 4 consumer protection, we were able to finally take care of my financials from all of my credit card debt and medical debt from my car accident.. They also offer discounts for seniors and did credit repair for my disabled mom. I love how they explained the process very thoroughly and answered all of my questions. They are definitely very knowledgeable and I could definitely tell that they actually care about us.. If anybody is looking to resolve all their debt or even if you’re already with another debt settlement place, I strongly recommend to please please give this place a call. They never asked me for a personal checking account and never debited it!”

  • Dennis White


    “I was able to get my money back from a Debt Settlement law center that provided no services and only put me further into debt. Without A4CP I would still be in debt and in total despair. I wish others could learn about their options as were explained to me.”

  • Tuan Le


    “A4CP, helped settle my debt and trusted me to save my money which I did. I never worried about my money and I approved every settlement before it occurred. I saved thousands of dollars and have been able to have my credit reports updated to show a zero balance owed. It feels great to no longer be in debt.”

  • Kay Miller

    McQueeney, TX

    “Advocates 4 consumer protections was able to help educate myself and my husband which allowed us to settle a property lien, car repossession for my son and to settle our credit card debts for a fraction of the balances owed. I don’t know how many times I cried to my representative about my problems. I have referred my family and friends to better cope with their credit card debt/”

  • Thomas Foy

    Lake Grove, NY

    “As a bankruptcy attorney I thought I understood the debt settlement industry. I enrolled with a national debt settlement company and became very concerned with the lack of results after 1 year. A4CP helped me cancel the enrollment agreement and we settled all of my debts within 1 yr. I was finally able to gain financial control and learned many valuable lessons. There are no words to describe the work and personal care there staff provided me.”

  • Rafael Hernandez

    Buxton, ME

    “I had collection debt and with a fixed income was unable to pay them the money they wanted. I was provided with the self reliant planning & educational action packets. I discovered my rights under the fair debt collection practices act and was able to stop the harassing calls. I’ve since settled with these collection companies and advocates 4 consumer protection helped me with the forgiven debt. Thanks to my new friends at Advocates4consumerprotection.”