Personalized Debt Resolution
and Credit Correction

Manage your finances and stop struggling with debt with our debt specialists. We understand exactly how stressful and overwhelming debt is. Not only does debt negatively impact your credit score, but it ultimately burdens your financial standing.

As a trustworthy credit correction service provider with over 25 years of success, we are ready to create a personalized plan that addresses each of your specific financial needs. Our counselors are prepared to help you sort out their finances and manage your debt.

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The Truth About Credit Counseling

Many credit counseling agencies operate unethically and do not have the best interests of their clients in mind.
Many people are unaware that credit counseling companies are actually sponsored by creditors who are looking after their own best interests. One of the negative drawbacks is that the consumer must repay 100% of the principal debt owed plus a reduced interest over a general 4-6 year period. This lengthy time frame makes is tremendously difficult to save any substantial money.

In many cases, Consumer Credit Counseling Services (CCCS) is reported to the credit bureaus and shared with lenders. Lenders may deny funding to consumers enrolled in Consumer Credit Counseling Services due to the information reported by the credit, indicating the consumer's inability to manage their existing debt.

Considering these factors, it's crucial to carefully evaluate the potential drawbacks of credit counseling and assess your unique financial situation before deciding whether it is the right approach for you.

Customized options that aim to reduce or eliminate both the principle debt and interest is always in the best interest of the consumer.

Planning Effective Strategies

In addition to our credit repair services, our counselors create an actionable plan with clients to get them out of debt. This plan will help manage debts, reduce interest rates, and create a budget that meets our clients’ financial goals. Through our customized debt resolution options, we provide effective strategies to pay off debts and educate clients on consumer rights for debt protection.

Reduced Interest and Rates

Credit repair is an excellent approach to debt resolution that offers numerous advantages, including paying off debts with reduced interest and rates. The creditors sponsor credit counseling and look after the credit companies. We provide the pros and cons of credit counseling.